Most Common Air Conditioner Repair in Manasquan Calls

Every air conditioning installation is unique and is based on the size of the home or business and it’s needs. However, air conditioners all have essentially the same parts and often suffer the same fates. Let’s take a look at just a few of the most common air conditioner repair in Manasquan calls that local professionals receive.

What Can Go Wrong with an Air Conditioner?

It might be better to ask what can’t go wrong with an air conditioner. There are hundreds of moving parts that involve electrical, plumbing, and engineering work. An easy answer is that anything can go wrong with your A/C. Belts can fail, bearings wear out, and just about any part within the machine can break.

Air Conditioner Repair in Manasquan Can be as Simple as Replacing Fuses

Fuses found in an air conditioner are there in order to prevent the system from being overloaded with too much amperage. If your condenser is not functioning, a blow fuse is a possible cause. Most homeowners are not comfortable with looking at, investigating, or replacing a bad fuse. This is why letting the professionals deal with air conditioner repair in Manasquan is important. Electrical work is dangerous and should only be done under appropriate supervision or by a professional.

A Dirty Air Filter can Bring Your System to a Halt

Air conditioner repair in Manasquan can be as easy as changing your air filter

One of the most common, easily fixed air conditioner repairs is a dirty air filter. Didn’t know your furnace had an air filter? Better go check it! Reduced air flow that results from a blocked and dirty air filter can bring your entire system to full stop. Not sure where to find your filter, how to change it, or what filter is right? Contact a local HVAC company for more information.

Condensation Drain is Full

Although it is recommended to clear out this drain every few months especially during heavy usage months, it is imperative to do it prior to turning on your air for the summer at the very least. To do this, locate your condensation drain when your air conditioner is switched off. This is usually a pvc pipe that exits your house and drains outside. There should be a T-joint or another access point inside by your furnace. Into this pipe, pour ¼ cup of vinegar. Vinegar will kill any mold or mildew without causing corrosion or ruining your clothes or property by using bleach. Have someone watch the exit to the pipe and make sure clean water is able to flow freely after the cleaning.

An Air Conditioner Can’t Work Without a Working Fan

Just as a blocked filter can halt the distribution of cool air throughout your home, a broken fan will do the same. Without the ability to draw air into the system, it can’t treat or transport air. The fan is located in the condenser outside so it is subject to additional wear and tear as compared to indoor parts. Although it is made to be outside, extreme weather can still cause damages.

Call for Air Conditioner Repair if You Suspect a Refrigerant Leak

Air flow is a crucial part of a working air conditioner, but refrigerant is what actually cools the air. Without it, you don’t have a/c. Each air conditioner has its own specifications for what the refrigerant charge should be. Ensuring the refrigerant matches the manufacturer recommendations is imperative to an air conditioner running efficiently. If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, simply filling it back up will probably not solve your problem. A refrigerant leak is a dangerous issue and should be addressed by an expert.

When to Call for Air Conditioner Repair in Manasquan

Air conditioner repair in Manasquan technician in yellow hard hat giving thumbs up while working on a condenser

We don’t need to tell you that if you turn your air conditioner on and you don’t get cool air, you should probably call for air conditioner repair in Manasquan. But the signs aren’t always so clear. Other red flags of an air conditioner in need of assistance are strange smells, weird sounds, and general inefficiency. The smells and sounds are pretty obvious and easy to notice. If you don’t keep a close eye on your energy bills every month, you might miss the warning sign that your a/c is not working well. Rising expenses with no change in your routine means your air conditioner is working harder than it should. If the a/c constantly cycles on and off and is unable to attain the temperature set on the thermostat, call for air conditioner repair in Manasquan.