4 Ways You Can Be A Better Paddleboarder

If you’re like the millions of others who love stand-up paddleboarding, especially those who enjoy paddleboarding in Barnegat, NJ, chances are very good that you’re always looking for a chance to get out on the water.

Paddleboarding as a sport is hundreds of years old, but it’s only recently that it has turned into a mainstream sport big enough to go toe-to-toe with activities like boogie boarding, skim boarding, and surfing.

Sure, the sport may look a small bit like surfing, but in fact Barnegat SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, very different. The boards are similar in looks, but they’re built in very different ways. More importantly, paddleboarding is enjoyed on flat water rather than on ocean waves, and even more importantly, you propel yourself with y a long oar, or paddle rather than by your hands and with wave power.

If you are interested in stand-up Barnegat, NJ paddleboarding, follow this advice to become better at it:

Start Fast – Paddleboarding rewards steady, nonstop action, so be sure to get yourself off to a fast moving start when you first begin. From there, learn to handle the board and develop the upper body endurance that longtime paddleboarders in New Jersey have. If you do, you’ll have a much better experience. In other words, just get set and GO!

Establish Your Rhythm – Paddleboarding in Barnegat is all about tempo and rhythm. When out on the water, you will have a much better time if you can train yourself to maintain a steady rhythm when you are paddling. The steadier your flow is and the better you are able to maintain it, the better control you will develop over your paddle board and the more you’ll improve your endurance.

Try To Maintain Your Bearings – When out on the water of Barnegat Bay, it is important to know where you are at all times. You must maintain a good sense not just for your immediate location, but also for what is 100 yards beyond you on all sides. Doing so will mean you’ll have a safer, more enjoyable Barnegat stand-up paddleboarding experience. You should understand the water you’re in, too, like whether or not it has sea nettles or deep seaweed, or whether unseen currents are flowing just below your board. This knowledge can help you avoid getting into trouble, keep you safe, and minimize trouble if you do fall off the board.

Remember Your Sunscreen, Bug Spray And Sunglasses – Getting prepared for a day on the water is important for several reasons, biggest among them your health and safety. It may be enjoyable to be out in the sun, but that same sun can be your enemy, so remember to protect yourself from sunburn and skin cancer with a strong sunscreen. Another thing to keep in mind: mosquitoes, biting flies and others can ruin your day, so have some bug spray on. If you’re paddleboarding in along undeveloped land or on still water, there will be a lot of bugs, so be prepared for it. And lastly, remember your sunglasses! They can help you see better when out on the water so you can see obstacles, dangers, others on the water.