Why you should choose dog day care over a dog park in Butler, NJ

Dog parks do have their advantages.  However, most of them sound good on paper only and don’t prove true in real life scenarios.  Some dog parks are township owned while some are organized by groups of people who want their dogs to play together.  Dog parks range in size from very tiny to sprawling acres.  No two are the same and each entrance through the dog park gate can bring a different experience based on who is there to play that day.

On the other hand, dog daycare in Butler, NJ provides all the advantages of a dog park with the addition of safety and supervision.

If you are like most dog owners, you want you furry companions to have friends.  Whether you are in a rental situation that only allows 1 pet or you have made a decision based on finances and time that you choose to only own 1 dog, we tend to place our feelings on our dogs and want them to play with others of their own kind.  Enter the dog park.  Sounds great right?  Let my dog run free with other dogs where they can play, jump, make friends, wrestle or just hang out.  Here’s some common reasons people give about wanting to bring their dog to a dog park:

  • It will be great socialization for my dog
  • I want my dog to have friends
  • My dog is lonely all day while I’m at work so it’s only fair for them to be able to run free when I have the time to take them
  • I just want my dog to be able to be a dog
  • I want to spend time with my dog outside of my home and it is hard to find places to bring them
  • It’s nice to be around people who feel the same about their dog(s) as I do about mine

While all these reasons are honorable and fair, the dog park may not be the best answer.  Most dog parks have no supervision.  Owners are all responsible for their own dogs and while most people that go to dog parks honor that rule, some don’t.  Some owners use the dog park as a “free” place for their dog.  Free to run, free to play, free of rules, free of behavioral control.  That last part is the problem.  Most owners are not fully educated on dog behavior and body language.  Lots of dogs that visit dog parks have little to no obedience and do not listen to their owners in environments like a dog park with lots of distractions.  Dog fights are a likely end to a day at the dog park.  All it takes is one unruly dog to ruin everyone’s day. What can you do instead?

Search for a trusted, well run, supervised dog daycare facility in Butler, NJ! Dog daycare Butler NJ, 3 dogs running on field in dog daycare in Butler

Take all the advantages of a dog park like running, playing, sometimes even swimming and add in safety and supervision!  Dog daycares have trained staff that oversee all play.  They can separate dogs into evenly, well-matched groups based on size, sex, age, behavior, etc.  The staff will be well versed on dog body language and be able to stop any problems before they start.  So if you want your furry friend to have doggy pals of their own, call a dog daycare in Butler, NJ and sign your pup up for friendship and safe, supervised play!