A Manahawkin Dentist weighs in on Mouthwash

There are hundreds of varieties of mouthwash on the market.  Do we need them?  Are they worth it?  What are the pros and cons of using mouthwash?  While mouthwash can have a lot of benefits, it may not be as beneficial as you may believe.  For all the good things a mouthwash can do, what it won’t do is replace the necessary tasks of brushing and flossing.  Any mouthwash, whether optional or necessary, should be used as an additional part of your dental hygiene routine, not as a substitute or as the only step.  As with anything having to do with your mouth and teeth, it is always best to check with your trusted dentist to see what type of mouthwash they recommend.

Manahawkin dentist , Blue mouthwash being poured into cap of bottle

This Information was Provided by a Dentist in Manahawkin, NJ

Bayside Dentistry  tells us there are two main categories of mouthwash.  Check them out if you are looking for a Manahawkin dentist.  There are therapeutic and cosmetic mouthwashes.  Let’s discuss therapeutic first.  A therapeutic mouthwash is one which contains an active ingredient that can help with a specific oral problem such as bad breath, gingivitis, or plaque.  Some may contain fluoride which can help prevent tooth decay.  While they can be very beneficial when used properly, some of the active ingredients found in therapeutic mouthwashes can be dangerous if used improperly.  There is a risk of fluoride toxicity, dry-mouth aggravation due to the presence of alcohol, and some therapeutic mouthwashes should only be used for short periods of time.  Certain therapeutic mouthwashes may require a prescription and the use of all of them should be monitored by your dentist.

Alternatively, cosmetic mouthwashes aim at temporarily helping with bad breath, but will not assist in removing plaque or help with tooth decay.  You can think of a cosmetic mouthwash like chewing a piece of gum.  It will help freshen your breath briefly and may help remove pieces of food from your teeth, but will not help prevent gum disease or stop cavities from forming.  Certain cosmetic mouthwashes can help whiten your teeth as well.  Cosmetic mouthwashes can be helpful in instances when you are unable to brush your teeth and need to mask post-meal breath.  However, the biggest thing to remember about cosmetic mouthwashes is that the result is temporary.  They are not meant to treat any disease or improve dental health.

When used as a supportive addition to your normal dental routine, mouthwashes can be very helpful.  As long as you know what the mouthwash you choose to use is intended for, they can be beneficial and should not cause any harm.  Children should never use mouthwash as the risk of swallowing the rinse is too great and many ingredients can be harmful if swallowed.  If you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, are going through chemotherapy, or have any other medical issues, always consult with your dentist prior to selecting and using a mouthwash.