Duct Service in Monmouth County Helps in Many Situations

There is a lot of information available about duct cleaning. There are articles boasting how great it is, how much it will help your health, and how it will help your HVAC system run longer and more efficiently. On the other hand, there are websites that will tell you it is a complete waste of time. It seems the jury is still out on whether or not duct cleaning is worth it. However, there are certain situations where duct service can really help. In cases where a home has experienced a fire, a home is located in an area of heavy and constant construction, or in the households where a person with a respiratory illness resides are all cases where duct cleaning can definitely have a positive impact. For the best duct service in Monmouth County when you need it, contact Carlin Chimney and Duct Service.

Duct Service in Monmouth County is Warranted In Case of Fire

A house fire is one of the most devastating and destructive things that can happen. For the lucky ones that only suffer minor damages, scheduling duct service in Monmouth County is very important. Even after having the interior of the home professionally cleaned and after throwing out any items too ruined to be saved, remnants of the fire still remain. Smoke and soot can find their way into the duct work of the home and be missed during a cleaning. This means the next time the HVAC system is turned on, that debris will blow all throughout the home. In addition, the odors alone are worth the call for duct service. One of the final steps in a good duct cleaning process is sanitization. This helps to fully eradicate anything left. This way there will be fresh, clean air flowing through your home.

Construction can Wreak Havok

There are a few situations that call for duct cleaning. A home located in an area that constantly has construction going on is one. Another is if large construction project was just completed in the home. Dust and debris can build up withing ducts quickly without a homeowner knowing. Restricted airflow can cause an HVAC system to work harder than it should have to for the same result. This leads to a shortened lifespan of the HVAC system. One way to avoid this excessive accumulation, especially for in-home projects, is to seal any and all registers and vents during construction. Obviously, this is only a short-term solution. Unfortunately, for homes that are located in a construction zone, professionals recommend duct service in Monmouth County. Depending on the severity and when the last time the ducts were cleaned, service should be scheduled at least every 2 years.

Residents with Respiratory Illnesses Appreciate Duct Service in Monmouth County

A household where one or multiple residents suffer from a respiratory impairment or illness should schedule duct service on a regular basis as well. Even the smallest amount of dust, dander, or mildew can affect someone with a respiratory problem negatively. Airborne particles can be very annoying to asthma and allergy sufferers. For homes with severe respiratory issues, duct cleaning in Monmouth County may need to happen as often as once a year. Other contaminants that may influence the need for duct cleaning more often are tobacco smoke and shedding pets. Both these irritants cause respiratory symptoms to worsen, but can be somewhat regulated in the home. The only place a homeowner can’t clean themselves is the duct work. Cleaning and sanitizing ductwork can help reduce the number of these particles, thereby reducing the severity of breathing symptoms for those with health issues.

Duct Service in Monmouth County Does Serve a Purpose

Duct service in Monmouth County being performed by technician wearing a mask, gloves and a black t-shirt; there is a black hose in a vent in the ceiling

You can find plenty of evidence online that says that duct cleaning is pointless. For many houses, this may have a certain degree of truth. It may not result in any significant improvement for some homes or people. However, there are certain circumstances where the alternate is true. In some homes, duct service in Monmouth County can indeed improve the air quality within a home. Removing any and all debris from the ducts makes breathing easier for everyone in the home. For people that suffer from auto-immune diseases, respiratory illnesses, or sever allergies, technicians may recommend duct cleaning yearly. For other homes, every two to three years may be sufficient. No matter what the situation or location, one thing is for certain, duct service in Monmouth County does not hurt.