Ocean County Web Design is Made Better with the Use of Illustration Programs

Website design is a pretty intricate process.  There is a lot that goes into each and every section of a website.  Animations, photos, graphics, and illustrations all add their own bit of uniqueness to a website.  The trouble with the template websites that are so popular now is that there is not enough freedom or options to truly make your website your own.  In order to make your website work for you, it has to be functional, user-friendly, and memorable.  Clients are much more likely to continue coming back to your website if it is engaging and useful.  In order to obtain all this, Ocean County web design companies need to be knowledgeable about multiple graphic design programs.

The Adobe Suite of Products

Adobe has some of the most popular programs for graphic designers and website designers. Their software programs are all user friendly and fully capable of doing just about anything you want. Whether you need a video editing program or a vector illustrator, Adobe can help.

Adobe Photoshop

Ocean Cpunty web design worker in front of laptop editing photo of a beach

Adobe Photoshop is generally one of the most popular applications when it comes to editing already created content. It is very easy to use and easy to understand.  While it may be best known for its array of photo editing filters and tools, it can be used for much more.  The tools available in this program allow you to fine-tune every pixel of your image.  Your work can be used for both web and print.  From designing a simple logo to creating sophisticated marketing projects, Adobe Photoshop makes it easy for you.

Adobe Illustrator

What Adobe Photoshop does for and to images, Adobe Illustrator does for vector images.  According to Adobe, a vector image is one that is “built by mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid.”   The biggest positive regarding the use of vectors is that vectors can be scaled up and down multiple times and it will never affect the image in a negative way.  When resizing something other than a vector, it can decrease the clarity of the image where the crispness of a vector is not affected.  As with Adobe Photoshop, the work you do in Adobe Illustrator can be used for print, media, presentations and more.

Adobe Premiere

This is Adobes software for video editing for film, tv, and web.  It enables you to use any format of video and use and edit sound files as well.  Another positive aspect of Adobe Premiere, and all the Creative Cloud products, is that they all integrate well with each other.  You can create something in Photoshop or Illustrator and then import it into Premiere to turn it into a video.  No matter the length or the intricacy of the video editing, Adobe Premiere is a helpful program to have in your design portfolio of products.


Inkscape is another vector creating software.  The advantage of using vector illustrations is how flexible they are.  You can do just about anything with a vector.  While you can edit photos to a certain degree, the main elements of the photo will always remain the same.  With vectors, you can make your image look exactly how you want it to.  Due to the fact that Inkscape uses vectors means your picture is highly scalable and appropriate for large-scale marketing pieces, print, and web.


Ocean County website design 3D image of pink and blue triangles separated by black lines

CorelDRAW is another type of vector illustration program.  It is an easy to understand program that gives you the ability to share your graphic with multiple platforms.  You can add typography to file and edit it to look exactly how you want it to.  CorelDRAW Standard also gives you the capability of photo editing.  It includes a hint feature that helps beginners learn and master this program.  As with all vector programs, the illustrations you make in CorelDRAW can be used for print or web.

Ocean County Web Design is Better with Eye Catching Designs

When considering making a website, one of the things you will want to incorporate without a doubt is illustrations.  Depending on the design of the site, you may want to add some photos, images, illustrations, or video.  Or possibly all of the above!  In order to make your site user-friendly, attention-grabbing, and make want people want to continue to come back, you would be best advised to hire a professional Ocean County web design company. 

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