Duct Service in Monmouth County Depends on Material

HVAC systems are easy to ignore. This is because the units are often in secluded areas of a home so it is easy to ignore the things you don’t see. It can also be because they are intimidating machines that require a lot of schooling and training to understand. The most overlooked portion of a HVAC system is the ductwork. Even though it’s a crucial part of your heating and air conditioning system, it is easy to ignore. When you think of duct work, most people picture the common silver, sheet metal ducts. But, ductwork can be made of a variety of materials. There are positive aspects and negative aspects to all types. Ductwork comes in a range of prices, sizes, and uses. There is also a variety of services depending on the material. Let’s take a look at duct work options and their duct service in Monmouth County options.

Sheet Metal is a Common Duct Material

Rectangular, rigid ductwork made of galvanized steel or aluminum is one of the most common designs of duct work. Although it does settle on the high-end of the pricing spectrum, it is extremely durable and easy to care for. Caring for steel duct work is simple when it comes to being a homeowner. This material simply requires homeowners to ensure vents are open and clear of obstruction and changing an air filter every few months. When it does need to be cleaned by a professional, the maintenance is fairly straightforward. The interior surface makes dislodging any trapped particles easy. Duct service in Monmouth County for sheet metal systems should always include an inspection. This helps to keep your system free from leaks.

Fiberglass Can be Difficult for Duct Service in Monmouth County

In some installations, duct work made of sheet metal can be lined with fiberglass. There are a few advantages to this. One, it helps to insulate the duct work, keeping the circulating air at the right temperature. Second, fiberglass lining helps reduce condensation which helps to eliminate mold and mildew growth inside the ducts. Lastly, this insulation also decreases the sound of the functioning system. This characteristic makes it a common addition to ductwork in commercial buildings or office parks. The disadvantage is that fiberglass will eventually breakdown and can release fibers into the air. Plus, the service of fiberglass lined ductwork is difficult and expensive. The porous substance also makes it susceptible to dangerous mold and mildew growth.

Flexible Duct Work is an Option

Duct service in Monmouth County shows flexible tubing with a kink

The least expensive of the options, flexible ducts are either a metallic substance or a thick plastic. This option is likely one of the least expensive options for most installations. This is largely due to the fact that it is very easy to install. This type of ductwork is great for locations with tight spaces where rigid ductwork would not fit. Being flexible is great for installation, but makes the system prone to damages. Just as with sheet metal ductwork, when you schedule duct service in Monmouth County for your flexible duct system, make sure you ask for a full inspection. Kinks, holes, or drooping areas can all diminish air flow thereby reducing the efficacy of your HVAC system.

Material Dictates Duct Service in Monmouth County

No matter what the material. Duct work is elemental in moving warm and cold air throughout your home. Without ductwork, central heating and air conditioning would not be very functional. What type of duct system depends on location, budget, and use.  Regardless of material, it is essential to the function of an HVAC system that duct work remains free from obstructions or loss of air flow. Ductwork that is damaged or has an air blockage can completely cripple an HVAC system. Not sure if you need your ducts cleaned? Check out this article to help you decide whether or not you need duct service in Monmouth County.