Ocean County Web Design Requires Code

This title may have made some of you roll your eyes. We know, there are some very loyal subscribers to template-based web building. However, we think that using these placeholders are severely lacking in many ways. What we want to cover today is the importance of the use of code for Ocean County web design. All customization included in any website is there because of code. Images, videos, and illustrations function on a website because of code. The more coding knowledge a web designer has, the more intricate and personalized the websites they design. Template sites may be “fine” for some companies, but if you want better for your business, hire a professional Ocean County web designer.

Code is the Engine of a Website

A web designer knowing code is equal to a car mechanic knowing how engines work. If something breaks on a website, knowing code helps you figure out why. Once the problem is identified, code helps you fix it. Code is not only the engine of a website, but it’s the tools that help build that engine. It’s the support and structure, the design and customization, the language and the art. When it comes to web design, code is everything. Even if you are using a template to build your website, that template is based in code. The number of websites is growing every second topping out at over a billion at last count. In order to compete in this flooded of a market, your website needs to be the best of the best. Code is there to help you stand out from the crowd and win over new clients.

Ocean County Web Design Primarily Uses HTML and CSS

Even with minimal information about computers or internet technology, you have probably heard the string of letters HTML. But do you know what that is? Hypertext Markup Language is the code that give websites their structure and dictates how text is displayed. Bold font, text organized into columns, bullet points, and so much more are all created with HTML. Designing great graphics is wonderful, but without HTML, a web browser won’t know how to display it. It lets users know which text is a hyperlink and it tells the browser where to go when it is clicked. In summary, to build the best websites, top-quality Ocean County web design creators use HTML.

In order to make all that HTML code look pretty, designers use CSS code. CSS stands for cascading style sheets. HTML gives a website professionalism and CSS gives it shine. Most creative details are added using CSS. Knowing HTML is useful and great, but CSS is what brings websites to the next level.

Hire Local and Hire a Professional Web Designer

Ocean County web design in red text on grey shaded box over workspace with 2 monitors

The good thing for you, as a business owner who was smart and hired a professional to design and build their website, you don’t have to know any code at all. The downside of creating a website from a template is that you have no direct support for that site. Unless you become an expert in code and web design, you will need to rely on tech support. When you hire the right company, you’ll have reliable tech support with a simple phone call. Working with a local Ocean County web designer means no more worrying about third-party support or talking to staff members who you have never met.

Aside from code, web designers also need to know about many other platforms and programs. When it comes to Ocean County web design, check out this article about illustration and graphic design programs.